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Look around you

Wherever you go you are surrounded by real estate, whether houses, offices, shops, hotels, warehouses, or education or healthcare facilities. These buildings are all the products of real estate (i.e. property) development. Property developers quite literally build the world around us, creating and changing the environments we inhabit and use

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on a daily basis. These are the places we call home, where we go to work, shop or eat.

At Blessed Ichaka, we have explored what property development is and how it works. As we do, we’ll define exactly what we mean by property development, and uncover what we do as a property developer

What is property development?

Property development, also called real estate development, is the process of developing buildings or land into a higher use value.

It’s a multi-faceted business which can encompass any of the following:

  • Buying land and building property on it;
  • Renovating, extending or improving property;
  • Converting property from one use type to another.

The Property development itself, incorporates a scope of exercises from the buy of area, advancement of facilities and structures to meet clients’ prerequisites. It additionally incorporates either the deal or rent of the place that is known for properties on fruition. Blessed Ichaka designers by and large facilitate the exercises changing over arrangements, needs and thoughts into property.

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